Helldivers 2 Weekly Report (2/24-3/1) – The Full Force Launches

As we wrap up the first month of the 2nd Galactic War, the full force of the Helldivers is finally ready to mobilize following numerous server errors causing shipment delays. At the same time, the dreaded Automaton forces in the western fringes of the galaxy have waged brutal war against Super Earth, laying waste to prosperous colonies. The Terminid menace, meanwhile, remains steadfast despite consistent Helldiver operations. We expect they will fall shortly.

Seen the Galactic War Reports below for a daily summary of the progress of the war between February 24th and March 1st:

Though this is the first full week of the war where the full force of the Helldivers has been mobilized (following several weeks of server issues causing many Helldivers to be unable to ship to the front), progress has been limited. The most pressing issue? Helldivers have failed Super Earth Command’s Major Order to defend planets from Automaton incursions, succeeding in only 6 out of the 8 required campaigns. This is unacceptable.

After the failed Major Order to defend planets from the Automaton armada, Representatives from Super Earth would like to reaffirm the importance of completing Defensive Operations, and would like to remind all Helldivers that leaving operations incomplete is virtually the same as opening the gates for the enemies of democracy to waltz right in.

High Command would also like to impress the importance of completing the next Major Order to liberate Veld. Veld, currently occupied by Terminids, must be the priority for now. There are people — and, more importantly, liberty — at stake.

While front movement has been slow, Helldivers across the board have failed to make gains in several areas due to lack of strong organization. Because commitment to defensive campaigns has been especially soft, and numerous Helldivers have been court martialed for abandoning nearly-complete operations because of an aversion to pressing buttons.

Automatons have been gaining ground in the western fringes of the galaxy, with especially fierce fighting on Draupnir, Mantes, and Malevelon Creek. Despite valiant efforts by many Helldivers, a lack of coordinated defensive efforts and the willingness of the clankers to sacrifice thousands of units for every human killed has enabled the enemy to make steady gains, and to prevent Super Earth efforts to recapture lost territory.

It is believed that if the current offensive on Malevelon Creek fails, Super Earth forces will need to regroup outside of the Severin Sector, allowing it to fall behind a steel curtain.

Fighting on Errata Prime has remained fierce, and the continuous discovery of large super-hive structures has continuously rolled back progress on Liberating the planet. While Errata Prime will inevitably fall to the Helldivers, the delays here have kept the war stagnant on the eastern front for far too long, potentially giving the bugs a chance to coordinate and counterattack.

At the same time, however, presence was uncovered further into our line than previously expected. Currently, the heaviest fighting thus far of the 2nd Galactic War is currently taking place on Veld, in the Orion Sector, where a hidden hive of bugs has nefariously risen up, only to be met with the full might of the forces of justice.

The following updates were released during this week:

  • Improved: login speed and error messages on PS5
  • Improved: support for AZERTY keyboards by allowing the Ship HUD shortcuts to be rebound
  • Fixed: Super Credits not showing up after purchase or collection
  • Fixed: Premium Warbond not being accessible after purchase
  • Fixed: crash which could occur when a player changed their rank or title
  • Fixed: missing text in HUD for Acquisitions and Social menus
  • Fixed: crash which could occur while browsing missions.
  • Fixed: unlimited stratagem use glitch which occurred after an AFK kick
  • Fixed: missing equipment issues after an AFK kick
  • Fixed: purple question marks appearing after an AFK kick

Despite the slogging battles of the past week, Super Earth is confident that the Helldivers, whose organizational and tactical abilities are sharpening daily, will still easily reign supreme over the enemies of mankind. Bug and bot alike will be crushed beneath the democratic heel of the boot of liberty.

If you want to keep up to date with the 2nd Galactic War, you can do so on our main War Report Page here.

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