GearStorm has landed on Steam Early Access

Gearstorm a military simulator and sandbox-style survival game developed by Iron City games, is now available on Steam Early Access. It’s a game that features engaging stories, exploration, crafting, FPS action, and base-building in a fully destructible, procedurally-generated alien world.

The game gives players the tools to build and fortify FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) against enemy incursions, mine the soil for valuable resources, and leverage advanced weapon systems (including vehicles) to neutralize everyone and everything that threatens the future of humanity.

Skilled Exomarines can team up with other players and take on the multiplayer campaign or create their own quests (writing dialogue, defining objectives, and placing mission markers) with the built-in “Gamemaster” mode and in-game quest creation system. Server admins can spawn anything, teleport anyone (including themselves), build without limits, fly – and alter any stat of any weapon or vehicle in real time. In an industry first, players can create their very own campaigns on a fully customizable server for epic multiplayer sessions among friends.

The story of Gearstorm takes place in 2185, where the human race is all but extinct. Earth, is a barren wasteland, destroyed by years of war, more devastating than anything before it. The final straw was a new biologically engineered virus, called the Phage, that turns its victims into bio-mechanical horrors. Without anyway to reverse the effects of the virus, what’s left of the humanrace has little choice but to fortify themselves in bunkers and fortresses, though this did little use, eventually the entire human race succumbed to the Phage.

Thankfully, a small portion of the human race had had their DNA captured. In a final act of desperation to get off the dying and doomed planet, several small unmanned probes fitted with advanced bio-printers were launched to seed a new planet. These probes were encoded with the DNA and mental recordings of these Earth’s and cast off toward the planet. You’re one of these ghosts, a facsimile of a human sent to an alien world to renew humanity.

 “I’ve modded games in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series since the early 2000s. I was lucky – and my mods were rather well received for a good while. Creating stories and experiences for other players was really rewarding and incredibly enjoyable. That’s one of the reasons I’m passionate about GearStorm. It has tons of characters and quests – and the modding tools are incorporated right into the game. GearStorm gives the power to create to ALL players – not just an elite few.” – Brian Rivers (Co-Founder & President, Iron City Games)

“Brian’s exploits as a top modder made it clear that we could do one better and make an actual game. GearStorm puts everything we love about games together in one neat package: a massive planet with alien flora and fauna, a game-changing in-game quest authoring system, beautiful Unreal 4 graphics, and tons of gameplay variety with FPS, RPG and even sandbox/survival mechanics in both single and multiplayer. We spent five years working on GearStorm and are thrilled to finally share it with gamers everywhere.” – Shawn Ellis (Co-Founder & CEO, Iron City Games)

Key Features

  • Experience intense military sci-fi gameplay in first- or third-person POV.
  • Play your way: single/multiplayer campaign, multiple factions and alliances, and ancient mysteries to uncover.
  • Terraform the environment as you see fit.
  • Leave your mark on an entirely destructible open world.
  • Survive using exploration, resource management, and a powerful crafting ecosystem.
  • Build an elaborate base and even manage your own colony!
  • Explore an alien planet and build up your character by completing quests.

GearStorm is now available on Steam Early Access (Windows only) for $19.99. For more information head over to the official Gearstorm site.

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