Firefly Online MMO Release for Summer 2014

Possibly one of the greatest science fiction shows of the early 21st Century, had a run of only 14 episodes between September and December 2002 before Fox made the highly controversial decision to cancel the show. Fans moaned, protested, pleaded with Fox, even set up fund-raising events for sequels but no more episodes were made. Thankfully, a feature-length film called Serenity was made that tied up the loose ends but Firefly fans always wanted more. Now, it looks like we may get a little more browncoat goodness in the form of a new Firefly MMO that’s being released, called Firefly Online (FFO).

Details are incredibly scarce at the moment but there’s a trailer and a press release which I have brutalised below for the info.

As you would expect from a Firefly MMO you will play a captain of a ship in the verse that’s struggling to get by, just like Capt. Mal Reynolds from the show, you have to hire a crew and perform jobs while competing or trading with millions of other players.

Firefly Online players will enjoy the following features:

  • ·Create a crew, customize a shiny ship and explore the Verse.
  • ·Aim to misbehave in space and planet-side adventures..
  • ·Pick-up and play anywhere with cross-platform, cross-device game play support.
  • ·Engage with unique social features connecting Firefly fans.

“At QMx, we know first hand how great and powerful a franchise Firefly is and how mighty the Browncoats are,” said Andy Gore, CEO of QMXi and Quantum Mechanix Inc., which produces official collectibles and replicas for Firefly. “ It has always been our mission to bring the Verse to life for our customers in every way possible. The idea of creating an interactive experience where fans can have their own Firefly adventures –well, that’s just too shiny for words,” Gore said.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with QMx on Firefly Online,” said Matt McMahon, VP of Mobile for Fox Digital Entertainment. “QMx has a long and successful history with Firefly and we couldn’t think of a better partner to make a truly innovative game that will stand up in the Verse and to its passionate fans.”

“When we were first approached with this challenge, we realized that Firefly is unique among shows and movies, so only a unique game experience could do it justice,” said John O’Neill, President of Spark Plug Games.

“Firefly Online, while having a lot of familiar game elements, will be like no game you’ve ever experienced,” added O’Neill.

Good news it looks like it will be available across Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Bad news you will have to wait until at least the summer of 2014.

If you want to find out more Firefly Online information, and get your hands on some first-look game content, and exclusive collectibles and goodness sign up for the below”¦

To get to the Firefly Online official website click here.

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