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Date: August 30, 2020


We’re in the gaming age that communities are looking for the next best Battle Royale game to watch and play with randoms and friends to find out who is the leader of the pack. The developers over at Mediatonic brought us this next best thing with their release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Fall Guys is a Third-Person Battle Royale game that starts you off in a lobby of 60 players that must race to the end of the course before the others to quality for the next round and not be eliminated from the game. Fall Guys has four stages in their qualifying courses that go from racing, survival, team base, and then the final round to get the crown!

Gamers all around have started to try Fall Guys, making it the fourth top played game on Steam to date. So why is Fall Guys so popular? We’ll be checking out different categories of the game, such as the developers’ responses to the massive spike the game has reached, to what is to come for the future of the game to keep it in the top Most Played Games charts.

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While Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout may be on the top played charts on Steam to date, doesn’t mean it’s a world-class game all around. The game has had a few bugs here and there that the developers over at Mediatonic have sent out two different Hotfix updates to ensure their players are kept in the loop that they know of their issues in the game. They’ll hopefully be fixed sooner rather than later. Updates for a game says a lot about the developers, and being an indie game pushes the game even more up the charts for its future. Going back to the good and the bad parts of Fall Guys, the game has over 24 levels with more to come looking back on an update we got from the developers with a quick little roadmap for the game. While the ugly part is of course the cheaters in the game. While the developers over at Mediatonic have concerned the basic script kiddie cheaters and putting in a better report system for the game to catch and ban the cheaters stating:

Dealing with cheaters is a top priority for us! At the moment, when a cheater is detected, they are able to finish the current show before being blocked. We are going to start taking more immediate action soon. As mentioned before: It isn’t necessary to manually report cheaters.

That said, while the developers are keeping a close eye on the cheating game in Fall Guys, it doesn’t seem to be stopping the “Higher End Cheaters” that perhaps are doing other ways of cheating to gain a virtual advantage over other players. But not all is ugly in Fall Guys as stated. It’s an indie with a lot of room to grow and for a lot of future updates.

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With cheaters and little hotfix game updates coming in for Fall Guys, gamers are also always looking for the next best thing, new content to keep them interested. On August 28th, Twitch Rivals hosted a competition to show off the true Battle Royale feel the game has. During the matches, we were giving information that this is just the beginning of Fall Guys being in Twitch Rivals, and seeing that the game is the top watched game on Twitch at this time, it’s a matter of time before we can say, ESports ready?

Fall Guys has a future that the community, and myself, can’t wait to see. Being in the unknown of what’s to come to the game, rest assured that the developers over at Mediatonic are going to be rolling out more levels and a brand new Season 2 coming soon to keep things interesting when it comes to unlocking new tiers in your battlepass!

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At the end of the day, how many times will you attempt and get the crown in Fall guys? For most, it’s at the end of the Battlepass once you unlock all the tiers. You get to the point that you’ve unlocked all the tiers in the battlepass, and now if you keep going, you won’t gain anything from it. It comes down to the same category as Call of Duty: Modern Warfares Warzone Battlepass system. It’s the same type of tier made system that the developers over at Infinity Ward hope and make the battlepass in a way where it’ll take even an everyday player the whole season to unlock everything, to a point. If you win every match, or most matches, you’re going to finish your battlepass pretty quickly.

At this time, Season 1 is still going on, and most everyday players in the community have unlocked most of the battlepass tiers. But with Season 2 on the horizon bringing a whole new look for the game, being most likely medieval theme looking at the latest trailer released a few days ago, this should bring a new face and meaning to play the game for longer knowing what’s to come with each battlepass.

So, is Mediatonic game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout worth USD 20 without a sale? I’d say yes, with the amount of content you get and the fun crying laughing moments you’ll have with others each match, is priceless in my book. We’ll continue following the path that Mediatonic takes with Fall Guys, and we hope to see it in the Esports game one day!

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