Making Money in Fable II

Making money is an important, though not crucial part of Lionheads Fable II and in the true style of the game there are a number of different ways that this can be done. Below is a guide on making as much money as you want in Fable II.

There’s the honest method playing by the games rules, and the xBox 360 gold cheat. I have used the non-cheating method myself so I can confirm it works. The cheating method? Never! Never used it”¦ Well once, just to check it works of course. You understand.

The Non-Cheating Method

This method can be done at any time but for ease below assumes you have just started to play.

Step 1

Head to Bowerstone, you get the opportunity to go to Bowerstone once you have defeated Fang, relatively close to the beginning of the game.

Making moneyStep 2

While you are waiting for Teresa to meet you at the Town Square (it’s as good a time as any), work as a Blacksmith in Bowerstone. If you get to at least 4 stars in this earn your first bit of cashjob (as with any job) you should be able to quickly rake in a fair amount of gold to be able to get you started on your quest to being a property magnate.

Step 3

Once you have some gold (around 5,000 – 10,000) head back to the Gypsy camp, and buy as many properties as you can. In most cases the gypsy caravans can be bought for around 1,000 each, although some caravans such as the Tattooist and the General Store are more and can be purchased for 7,500 and 4,000 gold. So, either miss these expensive caravans out and buy them later, or spend more time as a Blacksmith and buy these now. (It would boost the amount of rent gold you receive if you spend the extra time to buy them now.)

Step 4

As you buy houses, change the level of rent accordingly.

If you want your character to be pure, then drop prices by 25%. This is only a small drop and over time your purity will increase without you having to take a serious drop in your cash flow.

If you want as much cash as possible, without caring how corrupt you get (or if corruption is your aim) raise all the prices as high as you can.

Step 5

You will now start getting a drip-feed of cash through every 5 minutes whilst you play. Which you should use in combination with the various jobs you can take on to buy more properties. House rent also continues to be accrued while you are offline. Cash gained for owning stores tends to be a little higher but you don’t accrue shop cash whilst off line. Use this info in parallel with your playing style to increase your money earned.

If you can only play for small amounts at a time and you spend a lot of time offline, spend this amount on house rents – and only worry about the cheaper stalls at first, if there are no houses available to buy with your cash.

If you play for long periods and spend very little time not playing Fable 2, spend your cash on stalls and shops.

At first, things are slow as your drip feed of cash seems to be neither here nor there. Jobs will be the main essence of how you make money in the early stages. As you buy more and more properties, your dependence on the jobs decreases to nothing.

Step 6

As your cash increases buy more and more expensive houses and shops, the more expensive the house or shop the more rent you bring in

Currently I have just rescued Hannah (Which is around 25% through the major plot story) but after spending some time buying houses, spending time offline to accumulate more, then buying more houses; I earn around 1,300 every 5 minutes, and about 20,000 every day offline and that’s with the 25% rent reduction I use to boost my purity levels. There’s still a lot more houses to buy as well, including all the big houses.

Soon, all this could be yours.

Of course, if all that seems like hard-work you could always cheat”¦

The Cheating Method (Xbox Live needed)

  1. Buy some houses. Any will do but the more expensive properties you buy the more money you will earn.
  2. Save and exit the game.
  3. Pull out the network cable out from the back of the console.
  4. Change the time and date for a future date e.g. 2025. The further into the future the date the more money you will gain.
  5. Log back into the game (ensuring your network cable is still unattached)
  6. Once in the game your gold will be increased by an amount depending on the date you set and the amount of properties you own.
  7. Save and exit the game, then plug in the network cable.
  8. The date and time will be synchronized with real-time as soon as your console is online.
  9. Reload the game
  10. Buy more properties which will increase the amount of gold earned.
  11. Repeat the steps above until you feel you have enough money.


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