Sim Brother Experiment Day 3: Hating Friends and Irritating People

The clock ticked over to 00:01 and four members of the household were still up. Obsidian was lost in his painting, Lucifer was engrossed with something on the computer, and Diane and Eddie were still playing the arcade games in the hallway.

Although, it wasn’t long before their low needs pushed them into action. Eddie grabbed some left over salad before going to bed, and Lucifer took a bath. By the early hours of the morning everyone except Obsidian was sleeping soundly. Tiredness not becoming an issue for him yet, he took a bath, and prepared some waffles for the household.

Due to the beds being so comfortable, it seems the house guests don’t need as much sleep as they might do at home. Both Chet and Margaret awoke at around 04:30. Chet logged on to one of the computers and continued playing his extreme video games, while Margaret chose to read her book in the ‘Woohoo room’, for some reason.

Chase awoke from her slumber fully refreshed, and whiled away a few minutes just staring out of the window. At the end of her chapter Margaret, prepared some more waffles for the household, not seeing or not fancying the ones Obsidian had prepared.

At 05:50, and with his stomach now full, Obsidian finally went to bed. Excruciatingly tired,

Chet and Chase grabbed a plate of waffles together and talked briefly before Chet went back to the computer and Chase cleared away the dishes.

“Ah crap! School”

At 08:00 the school-bus arrived. Chase who hopped on the bus full of energy and with her homework done, couldn’t wait to go. Obsidian only just managed to get out of bed, feeling very tired and without his homework completed, he would have a much different day.

When Barbara awoke she could almost smell the clutter in the kitchen and immediately went about tidying. Diana grabbed a plate of waffles for herself and left the plate on the nice clean counter before she went off to grab a shower.

“…your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!”

As Lucifer awoke at around 09:45, he was full of malevolent intent and could think of no better way to start the day then to criticise Chet’s family. Suitably angry at this exchange, Chet stormed off to take a shower while Lucifer went to have some fun with target number two. Margaret took yet another insulting comment, this time about her cleverness; even attempting changing the subject to Movies found herself receiving a suitably spiky comment back. Without even pausing for breath Lucifer insults Margaret’s family, with the last straw being had, Margaret just had to get out, her excuse? Needing to clean the shower.

Lucifer feeling suitable smug and superior, strutted about the house before asking Chet about sport. Somewhat taken aback by his now quite friendly attitude, Chet tells Lucifer how humiliated he felt by the criticism of his family. Lucifer listened intently, and then mocked Chet’s appearance… “dumb, muscle-headed fool!” Having had enough, again, Chet heads to the living area and plays video games, joined shortly after by Margaret with her head in a book. The hurt banding together.

“…you look like a baby’s bottle!”

When Diane returns from her game of foosball, she is the next house-guest to be attacked by Lucifer’s cruel tongue. He mocks her appearance, and after a brief but fruitless gossip, Diane gets yelled at. With another house-guest storming away from him, this time to go swimming, Lucifer tries to have a go at his fourth victim, Barbara. Unfortunately for him, she is too busy a women, and after her brief scare, she rushes off to start making all the beds in the house. Feeling even more smug and happy with all his misery-causing conquests, Lucifer joins Chet playing video games.

Chase and Obsidian return from school, and once more their two different attitudes are obvious. Chase obediently starts on her homework, but not before she puts the stereo on. Obsidian, practically dead on his feet, shuffles off to go to bed. He has a few minutes sleep before the loud music from the stereo wakes him up. He staggers to the stereo, thumps the off button and then goes back to bed.

…a truly gourmet meal

By 17:00, Eddie is still watching TV with Chet. In fact, Eddie hasn’t got up in around 6 hours, so the ass-grove in the settee has been well made. However, it was around this time that Eddie got hungry. Spotting Diane’s lone dirty plate from the morning still sitting in the kitchen, he makes his way to the kitchen to lick that plate clean. Being beaten to the plate by Barbara, who must have realised that the kitchen isn’t spotless, he stamps his feet and heads back to the couch.

Small pockets of discussion break out. Barbara, who’s taking a break from tidying, has time to talk to Chet about their favourite TV shows and then gardening. Lucifer starts complaining to Diane about Art and when she tries to be enthusiastic about the house to him it doesn’t go down too well. Things didn’t improve when Lucifer revealed his mastermind plot to her, presumably as a challenge. She didn’t bite, or she didn’t understand it’s implications.

With her homework completed and needing a break, Chase turns the stereo back on and danced as if she didn’t have a care in the world before staring out of the window again. Lucifer strikes! It’s his fifth victim of the day so far. Sneaking up to Chase and scaring as she stood blissfully unaware.

With his appetite returning, Eddie spots another unguarded plate in the kitchen, and before anyone can stop him he licks it clean and then returns to his earlier place on the couch, tired from his ‘exercise’.

The computers are all occupied at this point. Margaret, Lucifer and Diane are all playing games, whilst Chet monopolises the console in the Living room.

Barbara, needing to confide in someone complains to Chet about the dirty dishes. Knowing a hint when he hears one, Chet immediately heads to the kitchen and starts tidying. It’s at this point that both Barbara and Margaret also go to clean the kitchen. Such a rush to tidy, but Chet is the quickest. Without anything else to do Margaret starts a new book and Barbara, whose not used to people doing things for her, trots off happily to the ‘Darwin’s Voyage’ arcade game called for some R&R.

“You flail about like a dying hippo….

Chase’s return to dancing gets Lucifer’s attention and it’s not long before he mocks her for it. In a move that took Lucifer back, she praises him for his confident outlook on life and his ‘Say-what-you-see’ attitude. Not allowing himself to be suckered into her friendly personality, Lucifer pushes forward with his cruelty and argues with her. Quickly heading back to his video game before she can get her footing. Chase returns to staring out the window, a little hurt from his attack.

After a busy day of school, homework and dancing, Chase is beat and is the first to go to bed at 21:58. Margaret is not far behind her, she trundled off to bed at 22:20 with Chet retiring at 22:50.

At 11:33 Obsidian wakes from his teenage slumber, grabbing a very late night (or early morning) snack.

With over half the house still awake, Day 3 ticks to a close.

Post Day Analysis.

Day 3? Again another quite dull day. I was certainly hoping for more. Although Lucifer was certainly in fine form, antagonising everyone he could. There were even a few arguments and some yelling which is new. I suspect that with each passing day the mood will become more tense and this infractions will become more severe.

One thing I do know, is that there are too many computers in the house. The majority of the house-guests just play video/computer games when they have a spare moment. With three arcade games, one console and three computers nearly everyone can spend most of their free time on the computers, and they seem to have the strongest desire pull. It’s the people who can’t get on the computers that actually interact and have a higher chance of doing something interesting. If it’s the same after Day 4, I’ll remove two of the computers, and two of the arcade games (Leaving one of each). I’ve just checked my rules and I didn’t write anything about removing furniture or objects, so I’m good.

“Come on, people! Do something else!”

The two teens continue their school time in completely opposite directions. Chase completes her homework as soon as she comes back from school. She eats, showers and sleeps regularly; making sure she is in a fit state for school. Obsidian on the other hand goes to bed ridiculously late, doesn’t shower and hasn’t done his homework once. When he goes to school, he is tired, grouchy and not overly pleasant to the nose. Chase is green for her ‘mood’ and ‘homework’, with a high grade of B. Obsidian is orange for ‘homework’ and yellow for ‘mood’ at a low grade of C.

Other than that, I need something to happen. Someone to set the kitchen on fire, or a big argument. Eddie the inappropriate trying to kiss Lucifer might do it. I was thinking of setting up a sort of random event generator, to add some spice to the days, events based around objects of course. E.g. For one day the fridges disappear, or the bathroom and/or bedroom doors disappear. I’ll play around with that one.

I’m also still waiting for the ‘Cabin Fever’ to set in. Will it be as debilitating as I suspect it could be? It’s only a moodlet so probably not, but I suspect we’ll know on ‘Day 4’.

Skill increases

  • Margaret – Cooking (Now Level 1)

Relationship Status’

After day 3 – everyone is still in the acquaintance stage, but there are differences between the relationships. It’s clear that Lucifer is not making friends with anyone, it’s just that Eddie seems to dislike him less than everyone else.

If you want to read more about the experiment, either click on the tab at the top of the page, or click here.

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