Dark Legends’ Game Changing Update

Dark Legends Logo sign symbol vampire mmo spacetime studiosIf you’re already playing Dark Legends the vampire 3D MMO released by Spacetime Studios then you will be familiar with the limits of the energy system. For those who don’t know, your energy level dictates the actions your vampire can do as he turns into the dark legend every vampire wishes to be. Many players found they were frustrated by having to wait until their energy level had built up enough for them to do something.

Never fear, Spacetime Studios has read the forums and taken note of all your cries of mild annoyance and they’ve been busy working on some changes to the energy system. Their latest update makes several changes to Dark Legends guaranteed to make the game flow a little easier with less waiting time.

Not only that, but you can now also gather your own allies and minions by completing various campaigns and quests.


  • 3D missions no longer need energy to start.
  • Campaigns will now display a recommended minimum level to convey the difficulty level to players.
  • Players will now use energy to send Allies on jobs.
  • Allies are NPCs that the player unlocks when playing through a campaign. These Allies will help the player by performing jobs for them.
    • Players must decide what type of job they want their ally to do. Each ally has 3 different jobs they can undertake.
    • Each of the jobs has a different amount of time associated with it, but the same energy cost.
    • The more time a job takes the better the reward.
    • If players do not pick up a job within a certain time after it is ready they will lose part of their reward.
    • When Allies do jobs with the longest timers, players will receive an item plus a chance to get new legendary weapons.
  • Players will receive their first minion. Minions are tied to players and live in their lair. This minion will offer players a daily reward of cash and xp. If a player successfully collects their daily reward for 5 consecutive days they will earn a new, random, wearable item.
  • Minor changes to storyline of 3D missions

If you haven’t yet tried Spacetime Studios’ 3d MMO Dark Legends there’s even more reason to now. Click here to reach their official site.

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