Blizzard Announces Season of Discovery, Giving Players WoW Classic+

The announcement of World of Warcraft Classic’s “Season of Discovery” marks yet another significant shift to the WoW Classic experience. Set to launch November 30th, SoD servers will offer a condensed grind to the end game with a progressive level cap, Rune Engravings to expand options for classes, and a reimagined raid in Blackfathom Deeps

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Rune Engravings: Every class will have access to unique Rune Engravings, allowing for unconventional class roles like “Tanking Warlocks” and “Mage healers”. With any luck, this will shake up the traditional class system of WoW in a way that leads to new dungeon and raid compositions.
  • Progressive Level Cap: The initial level cap will be 25, at which point players will have access to end game content. Level 25 is far, far more accessible than 60, and this choice makes for a very differently paced grind to max. As the level cap increases, more end-game content will unlock.
  • Level 25 End-Game Content: To go along with the initial cap of Level 25, there will be end game content starting at the level cap, including a new Blackfathom Deeps reworked into a raid.
  • Blackfathom Deeps Raid: The Blackfathom Deeps dungeon will become a 10-player raid. The new (and hopefully improved) Blackfathom Deeps will feature new bosses alongside reimagined old bosses, plus new mechanics, and rewards. 

The progressive level cap alone seems poised to shake up how players interact with World of Warcrat Classic – the Rune Engravings are likewise a huge change to core game systems. World PvP stands to be significantly more fun as well, given that there won’t be level 60 Rogues waiting to snipe you as you try and level your toon.

Taken all together, these changes promise a very different journey to max level. It’s early, but so far online sentiment seems positive, with players excited about the revamped approach to leveling, and for the possibilities Rune Engravings offer. We won’t have to long wait to find out, but for players eager to play their very first Warlock Tank, November 30th can’t come soon enough. 

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