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Date: June 15, 2020


In Seattle Saturday, during the PC Gaming Show, Amazon Games upcoming MMO, New World got a release date for it’s upcoming Closed Beta. The Closed Beta will begin on July 23rd and players that pre-order the game will get automatic access into the beta. Players that have pre-ordered Amazon’s upcoming MMO will get access to the close beta, plus some extra goodies such as Isabella’s amulet, the Fist Bump emote, a guild crest set, and the Expedition One unique title. New World’s global launch date will release on August 25th, 2020, where players will be able to enjoy a new kind of Open-World MMO experience that Amazon games will try to bring to the table.

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Amazon’s upcoming MMO New World will be a new kind of Open world MMO game. With massive battles set all around the New World wilderness of Aeternum on a mysterious island during the twilight of the Age of Exploration. New World will push each battle to its limits with an invasion feature that will allow up to 100 players to battle at once. While players will have full control over how they move and attack during a fight, the even wilderness of Aeternum will ensure that danger is around every corner to keeps players on their toes during each quest and battle. With a release date for Closed Beta coming up on July 23rd, and a full release date on August 25th, PC gamers that enjoy a great open-world experience MMO will want to check out Amazon’s New World.

New World Beta Screenshot 2

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