A Thug in Time – A Top Down Violent Shooter for your Mobile

A Thug in Time screenshotYou know what I thought to myself a few days ago. Why has nobody created an app that has the top down-shooter filled action of games like Gauntlet combined with the over-the-top violence of games like Mortal Kombat or Mad World? Well it turns out that somebody has (Well maybe lots of people have, but I can’t be expected to know every game, can I?) Anyway, A Thug in Time is just that, and it will be arriving on the iOS and Android platforms on the 16th July.


As far as plot goes there are similarities with Sonic the Hedgehog, in that you have to complete the various levels to collect crystals. These crystals power the only machine capable of saving humanity.

That is where the A Thug in Time / Sonic the Hedgehog similarity ends, because to get these crystals you have to battle through 65 levels set in four time periods (Viking-Age, Wild West, 1930’s mob infested Chicago and modern-day New York) making sure you decapitate, freeze, burn and riddle with bullets and laser fire anyone foolish enough to try to stop you using any one of your 35 weapons.

A Thug in Time Modern day new yorkApparently there are no death animations in A Thug in Time. Every single one of the 20 unique enemies will die based on the environment around them. They’ll bash against walls, fall into crumpled heaps, and roll over barrels just as any self-respecting ‘blown-to-buggery’ bad guy should do. Rest assured there are enough bosses and mini-bosses to give you a break from all this cannon fodder, if you like a little more of a challenge.

Plus it’s yet another free game, so if you want to get your hands on A Thug in Time and all its mobile hyper-violent, top-down carnage simply wait till the 16th July, head over to the App Store or Google Play and download that bad boy.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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