A Gamers’ Bachelor Party? Can It Be Done?

Gaming and a bachelor party are two things that necessarily go hand-in-hand, but when your buddy is getting married, and they’re not into sports, but PC gaming, it may be difficult to plan a bachelor party. But what can you do to ensure that you give the groom send-off he deserves, but without all those typical bachelor party things?

Okay, this is part of a “traditional” bachelor party but it bridges the gap between Halo and the real world! On the other hand, you may want to do something a little bit different, like gel blasters, which is somewhere in between laser tag and paintball. Laser tag is a fantastic idea to run around a little bit, before setting up party central”¦

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If the groom is an avid gamer, a LAN party is the perfect way to turn a place into party central without hitting the town and all of those cliched activities! In fact, you could rent a property for the weekend, get everybody to bring their computers (as well as an abundance of takeaway menus) and just go for it! The great thing is that with a LAN party is that it will take a good while to get going, and if the alcohol is flowing, it’s just going to descend into almighty chaos, but at the very least, it is controlled chaos! A LAN party can take a little bit of preparation, but if you hire a venue and make sure everybody chips in, it will go pretty smoothly. Make sure that everybody has their software updates ready to go before the party starts so you can hit the ground running and make sure you have an abundance of snacks and alcohol!

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Think about what the bachelor really wants. If they are are more about comics, bring a pile over for everyone to relax, drink and read. Yes, it doesn’t sound like a typical bachelor party, but it’s a perfect opportunity for everyone to get relaxed and rested before heading out to laser tag or bowling. But also, you could schedule it around a big gaming event. It’s the perfect opportunity for everybody to go and spend some quality time doing good stuff. The big problem with any bachelor party is that the person in question may not like the idea of being chained to a lamppost! Think about what they want, and structure the weekend accordingly. And if they’re not one for going out ever, you can very easily stay in, party and play Cards Against Humanity!

A gamers’ bachelor party? Can it be done? It certainly can! But while our minds tend to go the way of the cliched bachelor party events, think about making it more in keeping with what they want. A LAN party is great but you can also rent a projector, and set up Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers and turn it into a drinking game! Pretty much anything can be a drinking game if you think hard enough!

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