New Stasis Fragments – Destiny 2: The Final Shape

With all the new goodies to grab in Destiny 2’s newest expansion, The Final Shape, it’s easy for some important additions to slip through the cracks: like new stasis fragments. After all, the patch notes were massive, and everyone has mostly been using the new Prismatic subclass anyway. It’s not often that you grab new stasis fragments, so let’s quickly list how to do it:

  • From the Director (solar system map) go to Europa
  • Choose the southernmost landing zone
  • Talk to the Exo Stranger, Elsie Bray
  • Purchase the new Fragments for 10k glitter each
    • Repeat process for all characters

Note: You will need the Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2 to grab the new stasis fragments.

The NPC that sells stasis stuff is the Exo Stranger, or Elsie Bray. It’s easy to forget about her because she’s in a remote location and doesn’t sell anything else. Simply go to Europa from the director (image 1), and select the fast travel zone in the southern part of the map (image 2).

Once you’ve arrived, speak to the Exo Stranger (Elsie Bray) who’s right next to where you’ll land (image 3). In her vendor screen, you can go down to fragments (image 4). You’ll notice that there are two new fragments available that you can purchase for 10,000 glimmer a piece (image 5). These are the Whisper of Chill and Whisper of Reversal fragments. You’ll have to visit Elsie on each character to unlock the fragments on them.

  • Whisper of Chill – Stasis weapon final blows have a chance to create a Stasis Shard.
  • Whisper of Reversal – When you have Frost Armor, melee hits slow enemies.

You might remember if you read the patch notes that stasis received an overhaul with The Final Shape. One of the new differences is a thing called Frost Armor, which provides damage reduction. Whisper of Reversal helps builds that spec into this ability. On the other hand, Whisper of Chill gives players more synergy between their Stasis weapons and the Stasis subclass.

Shout out to my clan mate that shared this, so I can have the full stasis kit. Even though Prismatic is the talk of the Tower currently, stasis is still viable — especially after the reworks. Did this slip past you in all the kerfuffle of The Final Shape? Did these fragments put the finishing touches on your Stasis build? Tell us in a comment!

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