How to Access Previous Season Passes in Destiny 2

Many Destiny 2 players probably think that when a new season starts, it’s impossible to go back and reclaim older rewards from the previous season pass. But what if I told you that there’s an official way to reclaim the previous season pass rewards in Destiny 2, and an unofficial method of accessing season passes that go back to Season of the Risen? This guide will show you how to claim previous season pass rewards, how to actually access old season passes, and review potential rewards that are waiting for you.

The tools in this guide are even more relevant currently because in the weeks leading up to the release of the Final Shape, Bungie has made all content free. That means that past seasons are unlocked along with their passes, so if you didn’t purchase a previous season but leveled up the pass, then you can use these tools to grab all the goodies retroactively.

Bungie has a tool on their website that officially allows players to claim rewards from the prior season pass. On the tool’s page, log into your Bungie account, then click on the flashing item you want to be sent to your character (image 1). Just like in the game, a flashing item symbolizes that you haven’t yet claimed it.

destiny 2 older seasons guide previous season items
Image 1

This is an unofficial method, and could be taken down at any moment. It’s a web browser extension called “Season Pass Pass” that tricks the website tool we mentioned above into allowing you to access the previous season passes.

There are some reports of this extension not working on particular web browsers, but we used Mozilla Firefox for this guide, and it worked just fine. To install the extension, click on the puzzle piece and go to your browser’s extensions manager (image 2), then search for “Season Pass Pass” (image 3) and add the extension that has the icon of a yellow ticket with the Destiny icon on it (image 4).

The extension is very easy to use. Go back to the Bungie website tool for accessing the previous session, make sure you’re logged in, then click on the puzzle piece in the top right of your browser to bring up your extensions. Finally, click on the “Season Pass Pass” to open the extension (image 5). Now you can click on “Change Previous Season” to select the desired season pass that will populate on the website tool (image 6). You will have to refresh the website for it to change. That’s it! You can now add the items directly to your account.

There are quite a few different items that you might want to grab in these old season passes. Let’s go over them one by one:

Deepsight Harmonizers destiny 2 older seasons guide deepsite harmonizer

These are rare items that only come from season passes. You can only hold one of at a time, which probably means there are a lot of players that didn’t use them from the prior season passes. They allow you to turn any weapon that is craftable into a red-border version of the weapon, getting you closer to unlocking its crafting pattern. Seeing as how a previous season can have SIX harmonizers, these might be very useful for people looking to craft certain hard-to-get weapons.

Exotic Ciphers destiny 2 older seasons guide exotic cipher

These rare items are used to aquire certain exotic weapons from Xur or the Monument of Lost Lights in the Tower. They can also be used in focused exotic engram decoding with Master Rahool (who’s also in the Tower). It’s easy to go on a shopping spree with Master Rahool or the Monument of Lost Light and find that you’re out of Ciphers. Using this method to grab more will keep the exotics flowing.

Seasonal Exotic Weapons destiny 2 older seasons guide seasonal exotic

This is more for those people that might have not purchased older seasons, but during events like Into the Light (when old expansions and seasons are free), players can go back and grab the seasonal exotic weapons, like Centrifuse (seen above).

Materials destiny 2 older seasons guide exotic materials

Whether you’re infusing gear, leveling up weapons, crafting weapons, or purchasing items, you’re going to be burning through materials. If you’re ever in a bind, you can jump onto one of the old season passes and load up on glimmer, enhancement prisms, ascendant shards, and ascendant alloys, as long as you didn’t grab them before!

Hopefully this guide helped you in getting the season pass rewards. Did you find a lot of gear and items that you forgot about? We’d like to know in a comment!

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