Finding Archie in the Dreaming City – Destiny 2: Into the Light

Players might have noticed when looking through their triumphs that there’s a secret for “Where in the System is Archie?” It rewards players with a nice looking blue shader (Bungie does like their blue shaders, after all). For those who might not know, Archie is a robotic dog, and he’s the bestest boi. This guide will show you how to start the quest in finding him, and give you detailed instructions on each quest step.

Head to the tower and go to the hallway right outside Ada-1’s abode. Where Archie usually hangs out, there will be some glowing paw prints with which you can interact (image 1). After doing so, head over and talk to Ada-1 to get the quest (image 2).

Now, you need to go and talk to Petra in the Dreaming City (image 3). Once you’ve fast traveled to the city, you will have to ride your sparrow eastward to her usual hangout (image 4). Speak with her, and she will tell you where Archie has gone next (Image 5).

Next stop is the Blind Well. Players who aren’t familiar, might look at the map and be confused, but it’s actually accessed from the area where you can fast travel to the Dreaming City (image 6). So just fast travel back to Divalian Mists and sparrow through the massive archway (image 7) and follow it until you reach the stairs heading up to the Blind Well; here you’ll find more paw prints (image 8).

Archie’s next stop is way up in the north of the Dreaming City. It’s fastest to simply fast travel back to the start and head up past Rheasilvia (image 9). When you continue that direction to the end, you’ll come upon a room with a statue overlooking a cliff (image 10).

In this spot, you will actually want to turn around and drop into a hole that’s underneath where you entered (image 11). In this area, you’ll find a room with some enemies, and Archie’s paw prints are next to an altar (image 12).

Once again, you’ll want to fast travel back to the same spot, but the next two locations are close to one another. In the same region as the fast travel point, head north to the cliff’s edge (image 13). Look along the edge and you’ll find a landing where you can enter a small tunnel in the cliff (image 14). Archie’s paws are at the end of this tight-squeeze tunnel (Image 15).

It can be tricky getting out of that tunnel and back up…so just fast travel again! From here, you’ll go the same direction towards the cliffside, but actually go left and follow this path (image 16). You should encounter an “Ogre Ascendant” at the “X”. If you don’t, then just walk in and out of the area and he should appear. Defeat him to earn an “Offering to the Oracle”.

destiny 2 finding archie path to queen v1
Image 16

The last step is to take the offering to the giant building next to where you killed the ogre (image 17). Head up to the stairs until you find a Techeun (Awokan Woman) standing next to a celestial cat. Give the offering to the oracle (Image 18), then wait for the portal to appear in the glowing sphere, and jump through it. Once you’re in the throne room, Archie will be by the throne. Give him pets to continue the quest (image 19).

The very last step is to go to the tower and talk to Ada-1! Don’t forget to claim your new shader in the triumphs tab upon completeing the quest (image 20)!

destiny 2 finding archie triumph 1
Image 20

Is Archie the best, or is he the best? Tell us why he’s the best in the comments.

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