How to Get the Facet of Bravery Prismatic Fragment – Destiny 2

One of the best parts of the new Destiny 2 expansion, The Final Shape, is the new subclass: Prismatic. However, some fragments for the subclass are hidden, like the Facet of Bravery. It’s actually really easy to obtain, and we’ll show you exactly how to do that, but if you prefer the short version, here’s a quick list of steps on how to obtain the Facet of Bravery:

  • Play The Final Shape Campaign until you are at the “Ascent” mission
    • If you’ve already completed the campaign, you can access the mission in the Pale Heart map
  • Play through the mission until you are ascending the snowy mountain
  • You’ll come to a broken-off piece of an airplane halfway up the mountain
  • Look over the side of the cliff, and you’ll see another broken-off part of an airplane
  • Inside of the airplane section is the prismatic chest with the Facet of Bravery

Where to Find the Facet of Bravery

Players can find the Facet of Bravery fragment during the Ascent mission of The Final Shape campaign. It’s about halfway through the campaign, and you’ll know you’re there because you’ll be scaling a big snowy mountain.

If you have already finished the campaign, then you can go back to the mission by going to the Pale Heart in the Director, and selecting the campaign (image 1), then the mission (image 2).

All you have to do is play through the mission until you are scaling the snow covered mountain. You’ll be in the right spot when you come to a broken airplane halfway up the mountain (image 3). Look off the side of the cliff, and you will see another part of the airplane that you can jump into (image 4).

Interact with the chest (image 5), and you will find the fragment.

Facet of Bravery a powerful fragment that is great for many builds. It is similar to the Void fragment that gives you volatile rounds after a grenade kill. We actually have a Destiny 2 Void Build Guide that uses that same fragment. Maybe you can come up with a prismatic build that’s similar?

Were you able to find all the fragments? Are there still some that are evading you? Let us know in a comment and we’ll get a guide up!

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