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If you’re going to take out a Titan-like Chronos, you’re going to need the right tools for the job, and one of the most important tools you will need is your weapon! Currently, there are 5 different weapons you can use in Hades II, all having their own strengths and playstyle. In this guide, we will go over each weapon, how to unlock them, what their best Aspects are, and more!

Unlocking weapons is simple — after your first run, they can be crafted in the Silver Pool. However, you will first need to get the materials.

For the most part this is straightforward, and the main thing you will need is Silver, which can simply be mined in the first region during your runs. The main exception is the fifth weapon (which you can’t see until you unlocked all of the others), which requires you to to make further progression in your runs.

Aspects will enhance your weapons in different ways, and can greatly increase their effectiveness.

  • In order to unlock this feature, you must first unlock all of the 5 weapons.
  • After you use each of the weapons at least once, the first boss will reveal the Aspects of Night and Darkness Incantation, which can be used at the Crossroads Cauldron.
  • Once you use this Incantation, you will be able to enhance your weapons with Aspects.

Note that you will start with the first Aspect unlocked by default for each weapon, and will need to unlock the remaining 2 by finding the right materials. Once an Aspect is unlocked, it can then be upgraded.

Currently there are 5 weapons you can get to help go through your trials to Chronos. Below we will go over how to unlock each one, as well as what makes them unique.

  • How to unlock – Default weapon.
  • Aspects:
    • Melinoë – Channel your Omega moves faster.
      • Unlocked by default.
    • Circe – After landing 21 Attacks or Specials, gain Serenity.
      • Requires 5 Silver and 5 Lotus to unlock.
    • Momos – While you have no more than 50% life, absorb your Omega Special to restore 5 life.
      • Requires 2 Limestone and 1 Pearl to unlock.

Melinoë’s starting weapon. The staff focuses on attacking enemies from a distance with powerful magic. The downside to this weapon is it doesn’t do well when enemies get in your face. Luckily, this can easily be counteracted with Poseidon’s Boons to knock enemies away from you. This would be the best weapon to pick if you want to fully embrace being a Witch and focus on magic.

The best Aspect for this weapon will generally be Melinoë, as you will be able to get your Omega moves out easier without getting attacked. However, Momos is another good choice if you need more survivability.

  • How to unlock – 1 Silver.
  • Aspects:
    • Melinoë – Attacks and Specials deal more damage by striking foes from behind.
      • Unlocked by Default
    • Artemis – While you channel your Omega Attack, you occasionally Parry, then Reposte right after.
      • Requires 15 Silver and 1 Glassrock to unlock.
    • Pan – Your Specials seek foes in your Casts, and fire more blades after you Channel.
      • Requires 1 Wool and 2 Shaderot to unlock.

A pair of deadly short weapons. These focus on agility, being able to quickly attack enemies while also being able to instantly close gaps. Their biggest drawback is that they trade this speed for a weak attack power. However, Aphrodite’s damage boosting Boons can bring the damage up to par. This would be the best weapon to pick if you want to zip around the battlefield and overwhelm enemies.

The best Aspect for this weapon will often be Pan, as it will make your Specials much more effective. Alternatively, Melinoë will be useful if you take advantage of the weapon’s Omega Attack.

Ygnium, the Umbral Flames hades ii ygnium

  • How to unlock – 3 Silvers and 3 Embers.
    • 1 Ember will be dropped every time you defeat the first boss.
  • Aspects:
    • Melinoë – Flames from your Omega Special burn longer before expiring.
      • Unlocked by default.
    • Moros – Your Attacks linger for 6 seconds, and explode in a blast if struck by your Specials.
      • Unlocked with 2 Bronze and 2 Tears.
    • Eos – Your Attacks grow bigger and stronger over 4 seconds, and return whenever you Sprint.
      • Unlocked with 2 Driftwood and 2 Golden Apples.

A pair of torches that shoot spiritual flames. These flames can be shot out consistently, allowing a steady flow of ranged damage to your enemies. While you are able to be constantly on the move, you are very slow while attacking, and this weapon requires more careful positioning than the others to be effective. Boons from Hephaestus can help relieve some of the stress with this weapon, providing extra area damage with its Blasts.

The best Aspect for this weapon will generally be Moros, as it improves the area damage potential of your Attacks. However, this will require placing your Specials in a way for them to hit your Attacks, so Eos will be a more straightforward alternative.

Zorephet, the Moonstone Axe hades ii zorephet

  • How to Unlock – 15 Silvers
  • Aspects:
    • Melinoë – You recover faster after using your Attacks and Specials.
      • Unlocked by default.
    • Charon – Your Cast lasts +3 seconds, and erupts like your Omega Cast if struck by your Omega Special.
      • Unlocked with 5 Pearls and 1 Obol Point.
    • Thanatos – Whenever you hit with Omega Moves, gain +1% Critical Chance until you take damage.
      • 3 Glassrock and 1 Darkness

A massive battle axe. This weapon trades the magic prowess of other weapons for big, powerful physical attacks, with a Special that can help block attacks on top of that. The downside to all this power is that it is very slow. Apollo’s Boons can help mitigate this, as you can Daze enemies, reducing the chance of them being able to take advantage of your openings between attacks. This is the best weapon to use if you want to go full on melee with your run.

The best aspect for this weapon will likely be Melinoë, as it helps mitigate the axe’s biggest setback; its speed. However, if you’re confident about avoiding damage, Thanatos can give a great damage boost with enough Omega Move hits.

Revall, the Argent Skull hades ii revaal

  • How to Unlock – 2 Glassrock and 1 Bronze
    • Additionally, every other weapon must be unlocked before you’re able to unlock this one.
  • Aspects:
    • Melinoë – Your Attacks have more Power for each Shell fired and not yet retrieved.
      • Unlocked by Default.
    • Medea – Your Attack stays within reach, and explodes in a large area on impact or after 3 seconds.
      • Unlocked with 4 Iron and 1 Nightshade.
    • Persephone – Any damage you deal generates Glory, which enhances your Omega Special.
      • Unlocked with 1 Moss and 5 Poppy.

A set of three exploding skulls. These skulls can be thrown to blow up enemies in an area, but the catch is that you need to pick the skulls back up once they’re thrown to be used again. While the dash from this weapon’s Special can help make this process quicker, Poseidon’s Boons can help give you some breathing room while you gather your ammo back. This is the best weapon to use if you want to have a focus on big area damage.

In general, the best Aspect for this weapon will be Melinoë, as it will make your attacks more powerful. If you want to mitigate the time of getting your skulls back, however, Medea will be a good alternative, while also allowing the explosions to be bigger.

Now that you have a general idea of what weapons are at your disposal, pick the one that best suits your playstyle, and make your way to take down Chronos!

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