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While going through Trek to Yomi, there are a few things you can do or keep your eye on to make the journey go more smoothly. Here are some tips that will help you on your path to stop Kagerou.

There are several branch-offs you can take while going through the story, and we recommend going through all of them. This is because you can find a lot of useful things from these paths — including collectibles, jugs that will increase your max health and Stamina, and even some new combos. These extra paths will frequently have ammo for your ranged weapons as well.

When you look at your collectibles in the menu, you will notice that you get them in order throughout the mission. What this means is that if you’re collecting them, you can use them to track how far into a level you are. You can also use this to see if there are any you missed on the way.

trek to yomi collectible tracking
You can see from this that we’re almost at the end of the level, but missed a collectible found in an early part of it

If you just blindly attack during battles in Trek to Yomi, you will constantly leave yourself open to enemies, and run out of Stamina quickly. Instead, you will want to be defensive in battles, guarding until then enemy attacks first to counter them. Even better, if you can time the guard well to parry, you will leave an even larger opening on enemies, and will be able to kill many of them before they can recover.

As you progress through the game, you will find three ranged weapons, each with a different level of strength and speed. The Bo-Shurikens are quick and can be used to create an opening to attack with your sword, while the Bow and Ozutsu deal great damage if you’re at a distance. Don’t be afraid of using these weapons, as you will find plenty of ammo for them at various checkpoints and branch-offs — you can even find items to increase your max capacity for them.

Part way through the game you will learn a combo called the Anti-Armor Rotation. This is executed by pressing playstation button left stick left+ playstation square button > playstation triangle button, and it will turn Hiroki around for a quick slash and stab. This is an incredibly powerful move, however, because the stab portion of this move will stagger just about any enemy in the game that isn’t a boss. When they’re staggered, you can use a finisher to not only kill them instantly, but recover your health. Once you learn this combo, take advantage of it to quickly clear out waves of enemies and keep yourself healthy.

trek to yomi anti armor rotation
Your Stamina bar will stay high killing enemies like this as well
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