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Game: Far Cry 5
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: May 26, 2017

Welcome to Hope County, Montana. Montana was the favored mountain retreat of the Unabomber, one of the worst figures in American history, and Hope County is under assault from a cult cut from the cloth. Hope County’s got plenty of ordinary folks, and they’ve had enough. The fight is here.

But scenes of normal life have long since left. The cult defaced the county’s welcome sign, turning it into “Sinner County” and the baseball field lies fallow. Armed militants ride through the streets in the back of pickup trucks, rounding up townsfolk and baptizing them in a muck filled waters. The world burns behind the cult’s eight-pointed cross, a sign of the end times they believe are nigh.

It’s just as well, Montana doesn’t have a team in the Majors anyway.

There’s still Hope in Hope County, even in the face of all of this. The trailer focuses on each of your allies in the fight: bartender Mary May, pilot Nick Rye, and Pastor Jerome Jeffries.  And there’s a sense of fun about it. Hope County might be in the thrall of a millenarian cult, but that doesn’t mean the player can’t have fun shooting, driving and flying around the county. Upbeat music plays even as the cult conducts its nefarious business.

The trailer ends with a of the cult’s leader and his congregation, while the leader proclaims “The End is upon us! I shall lead you to the Gate! For you are my Children and I am your Father!” to resounding cheers.

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