Far Cry 5 Prologue - The Warrant
Game: Far Cry 5
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The prologue in Far Cry 5 is a series of story missions that help you get acquainted with the controls, shortcuts, and mechanics in the game as well as introduce you to the current state of affairs in Hope County between the Peggies (as cult members of Project at Eden’s Gate are called) and the residents.

The prologue starts with a series of video clips of interviews with residents from Hope County talking about the Project at Eden’s gate and Joseph Seed (The Father), who is the leader of the cult.

During the interviews we also see clips of a cult member who we can infer is an undercover agent of some kind recording video from inside the church and who is exposed and executed on screen by Joseph Seed.

It then cuts back to show that you’ve been watching this on a cell phone from inside a helicopter currently on the way to serve an arrest warrant to Joseph Seed at his compound. You lose cell service and are effectively cutoff from outside communications with the exception of the radio to the police dispatcher.

When the helicopter lands after listening to the Sheriff and the U.S. Marshal argue like a married couple for 3 minutes straight (turns out the Sheriff has a point though) you’re in Joseph’s compound and vastly outnumbered by cultists.

  • Reach the church
  • Walk the cult leader to the helicopter

Literally all you have to do for this part is walk forward to reach the church. This isn’t as easy as it sounds though, because if your character walked any slower he’d be going backwards.

It’s also worth noting that if you stare at a cult member for too long up close it will force a confrontation that causes you to fail the mission.

Once you’re inside the church you can see that they are currently having a sermon and things get a little heated while the warrant is served, but eventually The Father sends out the cult members and allows you to get the cuffs on him.

BONUS: If you never choose the action to put the handcuffs on The Father, after 5 or so minutes your character will walk out and the game will end.

Again, not much to do here except walk forward and follow the Sheriff to head back to the helicopter. Cult members have blocked off the way you originally walked to the church so you have to take a different path and the cult members are much more aggressive since you have The Father in custody.

Right before reaching the helicopter violence breaks out leading to gunfire and a hurried boarding while cult members are leaping onboard and climbing on the helicopter as it takes off.

Eventually a cult member jumps into the helicopter blades causing the helicopter to crash upside down which knocks you out for a moment. When you come to you’ll notice that both the Sheriff and Joseph Seed are missing.

You get a cutscene here where Joseph Seed comes into view and tells you “I told you God wouldn’t let you take me”.

He then proceeds to talk to the police dispatch and it turns out Nancy is a filthy traitor Peggie and will most definitely not be sending any help. Since she was the only communication method (due to the lack of cell service in the area) you are effectively cutoff from everyone.

Joseph climbs on a truck and gives a speech to the cultists who came to the crash site telling them that “the first seal has been broken”, they drag Deputy Hudson off and are coming back from you when the fire flares up and you escape out the other side, which concludes the Prequel and Mission 1, The Warrant.

Mission 2 is No Way Out.

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