Intelligence Agencies cover in Hearts of Iron IV.
Game: Hearts of Iron IV
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With the La Résistance DLC, Paradox introduced intelligence agencies in Hearts of Iron IV. These agencies simulate the extensive espionage that existed during World War II, with a variety of options available to players who choose to use them.

In order to start using your intelligence agency, you will have to invest some civilian factories for 30 days to create it.

The title of the German Intelligence Agency in Hearts of Iron IV.

These are actions that you can perform around the world utilizing your intelligence agencies. Missions are simpler, require less of a time investment, and usually static boosts. Meanwhile operations are complex activities that are more difficult and very impactful.

There are a variety of missions available to your agency, from performing counter-espionage to constructing spy networks in other countries. They can also influence trace and enforce diplomatic pressure, making missions a valuable activity to be performed. All missions are general assignments and lack specificity.

Unlike missions, operations perform specific tasks that accomplish a unique goal. Through operations you can gather specific intel on different armies, seize temporary control of enemy industry, and create diversions to distract the enemy.

Before you can do any of those though, you will have to recruit operatives into your spy network.

Decryption and operations menu in Hearts of Iron IV.

The people that carry out your missions and operations are the operatives of your intelligence agency. They function similar to commanders, with their own portraits and traits to earn. After your first operative, you can earn new ones by upgrading your agency five times.

While performing tasks, there is a chance of operatives being killed or captured. If captured you will have the opportunity to perform a rescue operation to save them from the enemy.

Similar to real life, decrypting enemy communications can be an invaluable asset to your war effort. Cryptology consists of your cryptology strength and decryption power. Cryptology strength determines how well you can defend your own ciphers, while your decryption power represents how well you can break other ciphers.

Cracking enemy ciphers will reward you with a variety of bonuses, including naval invasion speed, air detection, and planning speed.

Unlocking the full potential of your intelligence agency will require a significant investment from your civilian industry, as well as a time investment of 30 days. Upgrades are divided into five branches, Cryptology, Defense, Intelligence, Operations, and Operative Training.

Cryptology and defense are pretty similar branches, providing bonuses to various counter espionage efforts. The operative training branch will increase the success chance of any missions you choose to participate in. Similarly, investing in operations will improve their success. Intelligence is a generic branch that will provide passive boosts to your agency.

Different upgrade branches for intelligence agencies in Hearts of Iron IV.

These upgrades are pricey, so you need to prioritize which ones you desire. If you only need upgrades to acquire more operatives, you should only focus on the cheapest available upgrades. Otherwise, you should focus on a branch depending on your playstyle.

With the La Résistance DLC, players unlock the ability to run their own intelligence agencies. Investing heavily into intelligence agencies can unlock some powerful options. For example, focusing on collaboration and naval invasion operations can be very rewarding. These agencies provide more depth to an already deep game, and are definitely fun to mess around with.

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