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Game: Far Cry 6
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: August 31, 2021

Here at EIP, we’ve expressed concerns that Far Cry 6 was tacking dangerously close to “playable movie”, but the gameplay footage that was revealed today laid at least some of those concerns to rest. We got a closer look at some of the DIY-style “Resolver” weapons, as well as a number of the hireable AI companions (now called Amigos), and all we saw today was action — a brief cut-scene featuring some vandalism was the only break in the wanton destruction.

We saw quite a bit of both Chicharrón the rooster and Chorizo the dog in action, as well as a crocodile named Guapo. They all have unique abilities and strengths, and support a wide variety of playstyles. While Chrizo is a support-style companion, Chicharrón charges into combat beak first.

far cry 6 gameplay chicharron
Cheeseburger never had such fly threads

This diversity of possible approaches (which has been a staple of the Far Cry series since its very first title) is further supported by the “Resolver” gear: cobbled-together weapons that range from a shield+pistol combo to a fireworks launcher. They look like a ton of fun to use, and there appear to be quite a few choices. Regular weapons also look to have a significant amount of customizability, and you can even customize the weapons that some vehicles have. Compared to the relatively dull choices in FC5 (with the exception of some of the melee weapons), the sheer breadth of weapon options in Far Cry 6 looks fantastic.

far cry 6 revolver weapons fireworks

Two of the Supremo backpacks were also shown off today: One gave the player some bonus HP, a speed boost, and the ability to do machete takedowns, while the other backpack was a kind of jetpack that set fire to everything below the player.

The visceral and often brutal healing animations, which were missing from Far Cry 5, are back. You’ll dig bullets out of your arm with a pair of pliers — which somehow still consumes a health pack. I suppose the health packs are more a representation of how willing you are to dig a bullet out of your arm.

The open-world missions appear to be very similar to what was on offer in Far Cry 5: you liberate camps (though this time it’s military bases), hunt for hidden loot, and do story missions as you traverse the island on foot or by vehicle (or even horseback). There are some new aspects too, like the need to clear anti-air sites before you can use air vehicles in certain areas. There once again different regions to explore, each led by a different villain (who we can only assume you’ll get to fight at some point).

far cry 6 gator action
I honestly can’t wait to sick a croc on people

As in the previous title, your rebellious actions will eventually draw the attention of the local powers-that-be. During the gameplay live stream, a pop-up on the screen read “Fight or run! Castillo’s special forces are hunting you.” This sounds suspiciously like FC5’s capture parties (that were unavoidable and led to forced story missions), so here’s hoping that you actually can escape the capture parties this time.

While enemy AI didn’t do anything particularly impressive during the live stream, we did spot one enemy throwing down deployable shields and hiding behind them, which was neat to see. There looked to be the same mix of snipers, flamethrower-wielders, and armored foes that were in previous games. Aside from the shield-guys, there didn’t appear to be any new enemy types, but this was in the starting zone, so who knows what the rest of the island has in store. You can now get more detailed info on enemies, including their attacks and their vulnerabilities, by using the camera that now acts as the game’s scouting tool, which is another nice addition.

far cry 6 enemy info 1

All in all, Far Cry 6 is shaping up to be a straightforward upgrade to Far Cry 5, keeping most of the familiar elements intact and adding tons of new toys and another layer of customizability to it all. If you enjoyed the time you spent in Montana killing Peggies, you’ll probably have a blast taking down the government on the island of Yara.

What did you think of the latest gameplay reveal? Are you excited for Far Cry 6? Let us know in the comments!

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