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Content Type: Gaming Reviews
Date: May 19, 2019

Start your bloody path of destruction today in God’s Trigger. A top-down hack-n-slash game that will set the pedal to the metal while pushing your way through the foes that stand in your approach to victory. While playing as a Demon and an Angel of darkness, you’ll be able to switch off between the two killers to take out the foes that are trying to destroy humanity as we know it. While the developers of One More Level may not be new to the party, there are still little things that can be fixed in any game. With Online Co-Op on the horizon, players are still able to experience the character switching between a sword fighter and a gun swinger, and also local co-op with your friends. While God’s Trigger may seem like a bloody mess of destruction, you’ll experience great fast-paced gameplay you never thought possible.

The game will start you off with a quick prologue of both of the characters you’ll be playing as backgrounds. While going through your first few missions, you’ll get a feel of both the characters voices and movement to understand their stories and overall personal end goal. With hack-n-slash being the primary goal of God’s Trigger, the developers made sure to sneak in some cutscenes whenever they can. While you can skip these once you end a section of a chapter, the cutscenes do a great job to understand what new foes are coming before you in your next battle. Although God’s Trigger may seem like any old hack-n-slash game like Ruiner or The Hong Kong Massacre, it gives off a tremendous fast-paced vibe that will have you on the edge of your seat to face anything that comes in your way.

Shotguns, hatchets, and pitchforks are what stands before you and your foes that only jobs are to stand and wait to be killed by you. While you might find yourself restarting a few times here and there after a few checkpoints, God’s trigger does a great job to make the gamer feel as though they’re the most powerful being in the room at all time. With minor glitches not being a real concern in God’s Trigger, you’ll still find little moments where you’ll think, “How did they shoot me through that?”.

While the game has a good list of skills and deadly powerups to choose from, you won’t need much other than timing to take down a whole room of enemies. Co-op gaming being a go-to system while having friends over, God’s Trigger, at the time of this review, doesn’t have online co-op which would help get friends together online and new players to meet to defeat more and more foes that stand in their way.

With the developers of One More Level having a vast background of graphics and sound from games like Dying Light and Dead Island, they didn’t come short when it came to God’s Trigger. With detailed mapping and little things to destroy to get to your foe faster, the game will have you want to break everything in your path, because well, you can. Blood and guts being the main course of gameplay, the sheer amount of damage you’ll find yourself causing will put a smile on that face of yours. While being a top-down hack-n-slash game, God’s Trigger has excellent sound and music to keep you in the now and have you feeling your next move of attack.


God’s Trigger comes through when you’re feeling the need to cause more damage than you need to. With the gameplay being the primary source to keep you as the player interested to move forward, the developers over at One More Level did a great job to have the player get to the next bloody mission fast. With challenging fast-paced gameplay just being the start of a revolution, God’s Trigger will have your foes wondering why they’re here.

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