The Longest Road on Earth Seeks Kickstarter Funding

Many games are about vanquishing great evil, saving worlds, and charting undiscovered and fantastic worlds. It’s rare for a game to revolve around the simple and daily pleasures in life. The Longest Road on Earth is a game that does just that. It thrives to capture poetic moments from a life of daily rituals and customs. The Longest Road on Earth is currently in Kickstarter and it needs your help.

The Longest Road on Earth, developed by Brainwash Gang has recently won the Best Basque Game Award in the FS Play International Contest for indie games of the Fun & Serious Games Festival. It’s already being noticed, and as of writing this they are already 40% of the way towards their goal of $10k. But what is it exactly?

It’s a story told over several black and white pixelated episodes. Players will walk and breathe with its characters as they go about their lives, and you’ll experience first-hand the beauty and purpose in every day routines such as gathering a bouquet of flowers, turning the lights on every morning or having a cup of coffee in your porch.

“We wanted to tell a story based on the everyday life of a person. The player has to fill in the gaps of the story. An old lady sitting in a porch and a young guy looking through a window in a coffee shop tell us different things (though they might be thinking about the same thing). In the end, if we remove the epic side of our lives… how would they look like? What would people think of ourselves?”

Key Features

  • Travel through a life full of memories and daily rituals
  • Enjoy its unique intimate soundtrack
  • Discover life in a beautiful black & white world crafted in pixel art
  • Unveil the mysteries of its characters through four episodes

The Longest Road on Earth Kickstarter can be accessed by this link, and if it looks good to you, show your support by pledging.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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