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Date: May 16, 2021

After years of seeing a few of the top game releases going exclusively to the PlayStation consoles, the PC gaming community over on Steam have received a few of those releases in the last year. Some of the game releases including Days Gone, Predator: Hunting Grounds, Horizon Zero Dawn, and a few other smaller published game releases. With a few of the releases having a bumpy start with the console port side of things when it came to a laggy and a low FPS feeling, we’re looking at you Days Gone Devs, it was something that we know they can fix over time with a little bit of patience and bug reporting. In recent days, the PlayStation Studios Steam Store Page was published to see the current six releases from PlayStation Studios in one place. With an Upcoming Releases section looking a little vacant to the eyes, that doesn’t mean the future can’t look a little bright for more releases down the line.

Playstation Steam Page

Now that the Steam PC gaming community has a page to look forward to future releases, that means we’re able to put our heads together to look forward into the future on what releases could inhabit our gaming libraries soon. With some of the current big releases over on the consoles, the PC gamers were a bit jealous about the past years that ended up being PlayStation exclusive, including Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Bloodborne, and The Last Of Us. The future could be anything now with the Studios Steam page live, but you can’t help but wonder if all of the game releases we hope to see as a PC port would turn out the way we wish while on a higher-end system.

Playstation Games on Steam

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