Bungie Shows Off Upcoming Destiny 2 Episodes and Reveals Codename for Future Project

Now that the ultimate conclusion of the Light and Dark Saga is complete with The Final Shape, Bungie has given us information on what comes next for their live-service behemoth, Destiny 2. In a YouTube video announcement, the devs went over the three episodes that are coming out over the course of the year. They also gave us a quick look at the codename for next year’s project: Codename Frontiers.

We’re going to break down the info they gave us and see what we might gleam from each part of the announcement, but in case you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick list of what they revealed about the episodes and Codename Frontier:

  • Episode Echoes – Working with Failsafe on Nessus against the Vex, which are expanding the vex network into the real world
    • New type of arena activity
    • New android enemy thingy
  • Episode Revenant – Becoming a Slayer Baron to hunt down Fikrul, the Fanataic
    • Vampire slayer vibes, and horror / dark-fantasy inspiration
    • Potion system to boost artifact mods and target focus loot
  • Episode Heresy – Shaking up the Hive pantheon on the Dreadnaught
    • Players that liked the Coil activity, will like this
  • Codename Frontiers – Future project for year 11 of Destiny 2
    • Might mean exploring outside of Sol, possibly with the Dreadnaught, or more likely with the H.E.L.M.

Echoes is the first “episode”, which is the new model that is replacing seasons for Destiny 2. Each of these longer four month episodes will now have standalone stories, which are separated into three acts that will periodically release. The first one is on Nessus; some players already discovered that we will be working with Failsafe from the seasonal armor, but now we have confirmation of what this episode actually has in store for us.

The two big reveals for this episode are that Echoes will have a new arena-type activity that they say is unlike previous activities in Destiny 2. Also, they mentioned that there is a new type of enemy, while showing off an android type of face. Have the Vex started making humanoids to fight us? The art direction looks cool for this episode, since apparently the vex network is spilling out into the real world.

destiny 2 episodes announcement android echoes
A new enemy in the Echoes episode?

This episode looks the coolest in my opinion. In the Revenant episode, we will be playing the part of a Slayer Baron, or vampire-monster hunter…person. The mood is more dark-fantasy, and we are tasked with hunting down Fikrul, The Fanatic, who has acquired one of these Echoes from the Traveler. He’s held up in a spooky old Awoken Tower that the devs said was horror inspired.

destiny 2 episodes announcement fikrul vampire keep
Fighting Fikrul in a vampire keep? Yes please

Helping us will be Eido, and she will be the apothecary NPC we go to for the new combat system involving potions. Some potions will boost our artifact mods, and others will help us focus target loot. There’s a lot of Van Helsing vibes ingrained in this whole episode.

The last episode of the year will be a Hive episode. The major shtick with this one is that we will be returning to the Dreadnaught to mediate — or more like instigate — a major shakeup of the hive Pantheon. I think it’s safe to assume Savathun will be making an appearance. A note that the devs give us if you liked the Coil activity, then you’ll probably love this new activity for Heresy.

destiny 2 episodes announcement hive pantheon heresy
Who had hive episode on their Bungie bingo card?

All we got from this announcement was a codename, but there’s plenty of speculation that can be made from that. Interestingly enough, earlier in the video they mentioned that a new armor set for the Heresy Episode is the Hive Ship Navigator. It’s possible that this could imply that we’ll be driving the Dreadnaught somewhere, or using it to explore some frontiers.

destiny 2 episodes announcement codename frontiers

Of course, it might be something completely different, like some story line that revolves around continuing Project Amrita and looking for a new home outside the Traveler’s influence. Then there’s the possibility that frontiers is a red herring and the project has nothing to do with exploration. We will just have to wait for more information.

What do you think of the new episode model? Do you have any ideas about what Codename Frontiers could be? Tell us about it in a comment!

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