Avowed Could Be the Fantasy RPG We’ve Been Waiting For

Obsidian Entertainment has quite a track record when it comes to making highly acclaimed RPGs, and their new upcoming game, Avowed, looks like it could carry on that legacy. The latest trailer for the game premiered at the Xbox Games Showcase today, and revealed a game that looks a lot like the Elder Scrolls, but a bit more colorful and high-fantasy.

In Avowed, you play as an envoy of the Emperor to the Living Lands, a wild frontier where a plague known as the Dream Scourge has taken root. It seems there are a few different factions that have different ideas about what the Scourge is and what it all means, and like in any good RPG, you’ll have a choice as to whose side to take.

The trailer shows off some fantastic landscapes and creatures and plenty of dramatic magic-oriented gameplay in both first- and third-person. It looks like the game will be combat heavy but will also feature some puzzles and platforming, such as a sequence where you must jump across a broken bridge that is defended by swinging pendulums.

There’s still no release date for the game, but it’s due out sometime this year.

You can watch the trailer in its entirety below.

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