Arcane Legends: Spacetime Studios is at it again

Spacetime studios logo announcement logo image mobile mmo advert adIf you can’t get enough of the Spacetime Studios Pocket series, then the fourth in the series entitled Arcane Legends is likely to be a welcome addition to your download list. Following on from Pocket Legends, Star Legends and Dark Legends, Arcane Legends is the latest mobile MMO from SpaceStudios and is expected to be released on iOS, Android and Chrome early autumn 2012.

Arcane Legends seems to have its roots firmly in the more traditional style rpg. Choosing between a warrior, a rogue or a sorcerer you fight your way through dungeons filled with the various nasties and ne’er-do-wells, collecting loot, leveling up and so on and so forth.

Little is known about Arcane Legends at this stage but considering that the other games in the Legends series are some of the most downloaded mobile MMO’s, they have to be doing something right, eh?

If my little snippet has left you thirsty for more facts, then there’s the press release below. Have at it you crazy kids!

Still want more? Head to the Space Studios website here 

Arcane Legends Press Release

The newest addition to Spacetime Studios’ mobile and desktop Legends franchise will deliver intense cross-platform, multiplayer combat with Arcane Legends. This new action RPG will be available for iOS, Android and Chrome in early fall 2012.

Players will choose from three classes: powerful Warriors, devious Rogues or mysterious Sorcerers, each with their own set of abilities. Party members will be able to combine their abilities to unlock explosive combos for devastating effects. As players level, they choose to specialize in certain skills, allowing them to further customize characters to suit their play style.

The core of Arcane Legends is the groundbreaking combat system that will deliver the most fast-paced, action-oriented co-op and player-vs-player gameplay of any Legends title. Players will decide whether to use multiple quick attacks or take the time to charge up and land more destructive strikes. Determining when to utilize a fully charged “rage meter” that unleashes special high-powered attacks unique to each class will also be critical to success.

“With every Legends title we are focused on bringing something distinct to cross-platform gaming. With Arcane Legends we set out to create an action RPG with a clever and funny story, meaningful multiplayer gameplay and above all furious fast-paced tactical combat,” said Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Studios.

The previous Legends titles, fantasy Pocket Legends, sci-fi Star Legends and horror Dark Legends have been downloaded more than eight million times, making it the world’s most downloaded mobile MMO series and the world’s largest cross-platform mobile/desktop MMO franchise.

Information about Arcane Legends can be found at:

Spacetime Studios is an independent game development studio located in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in late 2005 by online game veterans Cinco Barnes, Gary Gattis, Jake Rodgers and Anthony L. Sommers.

In 2010, Spacetime released Pocket Legends, the world’s first cross-platform, 3D, persistent mobile MMO. The game’s pick-up-and-play format, expandable nature and unparalleled instanced gameplay have propelled it to become a landmark title on Apple and Android-based mobile devices. In 2011, Spacetime became the first 3D MMO publisher in history to allow people to play the same game together on desktop computers, smart phones and tablets.

Spacetime has been recognized by Develop as one of the world’s 100 most successful game studios. The company continues to expand its content and technology lead in the mobile multiplayer market.

To learn more about Spacetime Studios, please visit

Spacetime studios logo announcement logo image mobile mmo advert ad

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