How to Get the Facet of Awakening – Destiny 2

It’s not exactly obvious how to find the hidden Prismatic fragments in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. Quite a few of them won’t be available until after you complete the Final Shape campaign, like the Facet of Awakening, which we will cover in this guide.

Here’s a quick list of the steps to get the Facet of Awakening, which we will expand on below:

  1. Finish the Final Shape Campaign
  2. Do the “Alone in the Dark” missions you can start with Micah-10
  3. Play through the missions, and make sure you’re killing glowing enemies in the “Cysts”
  4. Collect “Vestiges of Light” from glowing enemies in the “Cysts”
  5. Vestiges of Light will automatically combine to show you a “Memory” on the Pale Heart Map
  6. After unlocking the “Memory: Refractions of Light”, travel to the area in The Refraction
  7. Jump up the trees in the area, and find the chest on long interlocking branches
  8. Inside the chest is the Facet of Awakening

In order to unlock the “Memory: Refractions of Light” — which shows you where the chest for the Facet of Awakening fragment — you have to find Vestiges of Light.

These can be collected from glowing enemies inside the “Cysts”. You can get to “Cysts” by completing the “Alone in the Dark” missions, and these are started by talking to Micah-10 after finishing The Final Shape campaign.

destiny 2 facet of awakening fragment vestige of light in inventory
You get Vestiges of Light from doing the Alone in the Dark mission

After finding five of the Vestiges of Light, they automatically combine in your inventory to make a certain “Memory of Light”. These memories correspond to the different regions inside the Pale Heart.

For example, five Vestiges of Light might unlock a “Memory: Blooming of Light”, which would show you where a Prismatic fragment is in The Blooming region. As we mentioned, you want to collect them until you have a “Memory: Refractions of Light” to get the Facet of Awakening fragment in The Refraction region.

Once you have unlocked the “Memory: Refractions of Light”, you will see it on the Pale Heart map inside the Director (image 1). Once you click on it, you’ll be tracking it, and a marker will show you where to go. We went to it by fast-traveling to “The Blooming”, which might be speedier than approaching it from the other direction. Now, simply follow the marker to the area (image 2).

Once you’re there, you’ll find a bunch of enemies, and after killing them, a light-wielding hive will spawn. Kill it, and you can search for the chest in peace. You’ll find the chest above the area on a branch (image 3). All you have to do is jump up the tress until you’re above the canopy of large branches, and you’ll see the chest. Open it, and the Facet of Awakening will be inside (image 4).

  • From description: Rapidly defeating targets with Light or Dark damage or Super final blows generates an elemental pickup of the matching damage type.

The Facet of Awakening fragment is a must-have for build crafting. The main lure of this fragment depends on which elemental pickup you’re going for and how well it synergizes with your build.

For example, for our Prismatic Ninja: Hunter Build, this fragment would work well with our Strand weapon, creating Tangles for more crowd control. When you hover over the fragment, it will tell you what each elemental pickup does (image 5).

destiny 2 facet of awakening fragment in menu
Image 5

Did this fragment complete your build? What elemental pickup are you using it for? Tell us in a comment!

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