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Game: Far Cry 6
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: May 29, 2021

Ubisoft dropped the Far Cry 6 gameplay trailer and a character trailer for the protagonist, Dani Rojas today. It is exactly the silly, awesome, shooting, driving, horse-riding, mayhem and bribery filled that you would want it to be. And they also announced the release date.

The Far Cry 6 release has been plagued with issues since Internet users leaked the game’s existence before it’s announcement. Fans had to make do with celebrity voices and scant details. Those times are at an end. Far Cry will release on October 7th, 2021 on PC and both current and last gen Sony and Microsoft consoles.

far cry 6 gameplay trailer 2

Though Far Cry 6 will not be a 3D, First-Person version of Hoyle Board Games, it will have dominoes.

Based on the gameplay and character trailers, the game will probably be worth the wait. The Far Cry 6 gameplay trailer introduces us, for the first time really, to the dystopian isle of Yara held under the sway maligned dictator Anton Castillo.

We see the people of the island living in destitution, and its rotting capital soars towards the sun and sky with high-rises more than half a century out of style. We meet our player character, and more importantly, we meet our cars, weapons, and yes, horses.

If everything in the trailer is as presented you can explore the landscaped vistas of Yara with your own custom vehicle, cobbled together out of the pieces of vintage cars and local junk, or in the island’s rugged hoof it on foot or horseback.

far cry 6 gameplay trailer 3

Doing this to that car in real life could be considered blasphemous.

Nothing is without style, not the motorcycles, and not the ridiculous gun that shoots lethal CD-roms while playing the music contained within them.

That brings us to the guns. There’s a lot of them. You can craft them. You can find them. You change them, and there’s a lot of room to do so. You can do ordinary mods, maybe add a sniper scope or something to that effect. Or you can go absolutely nuts.

Far Cry 6 lets you be the most well-armed terrorist the world has ever seen.

far cry 6 gameplay trailer 5

There might also be a jetpack. Just FYI.

And with the tsunami of firepower at your fingertips, you set your eyes on but one man. Anton Castillo, dictator of Yara. A character who has been the face of the game for a year.

One wonders if Ubisoft calculated every close-up picture that appears with every announcement to make fans dislike the man as much as Dani Rojas does.

Ubisoft definitely took a hands-off role in promoting Far Cry 6 so far, but with the release upcoming and an excellent trailer released hype will build. And with good reason — the game looks fantastic.

But what do you think? Were the trailers worth the wait? What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below or on our Discord server!

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