skyrim creation club update and starfield featured image

What Skyrim’s Creations Update Could Mean for Starfield

Yesterday, Skyrim received an update to its Creation Club menu and some of its hardware support. This patch could signal what’s to come for Starfield, and what we could possibly expect for the future of Bethesda modding communities. Aside from…

starfield update 1.8.86

Starfield Update 1.8.86 – Nvidia DLSS Support and Chowing Down

Starfield released update 1.8.86 today, bringing with it some substantial changes, fixes, and additions. The most notable feature added with the new update is Nvidia DLSS support, finally allowing Nvidia graphics card users (with powerful enough GPUs) to make use…

starfield update 1.7.36 featured image

Starfield Update 1.7.36 – FOV Slider and Optimization

Starfield’s Update 1.7.36 dropped today for all platforms, giving us a relatively short list of changes. Among those changes, however, is something very important: Starfield has finally added an FOV slider into the settings menu, letting console players and PC…