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Dead by Daylight April 2024 Stats Show 3-Gens Down Over 5%

We got the latest round of Dead by Daylight statistics today, this time featuring some fun Killer-related numbers. The newly released stats also demonstrate the positive impact recent balance changes have had on the 3-gen meta, and we get to…

palworld patch v0.2.4.0 featured image

Palworld Patch v0.2.4.0 — Hatching Alphas

Palworld released update v0.2.4.0 today, bringing with it further changes to Pal breeding, as well as some general changes. The biggest change in the small patch is that there is a now a small chance that any breeding egg will…

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6 Most Ridiculous Video Game Boss Attacks

Boss fights are, generally speaking, serious business. You’ve made it to the end of the level, or maybe you’ve found a secret area, and you’re looking to take down a tough enemy and reap the rewards. There’s usually intense music,…