Far Cry 5 No Way Out Guide
Game: Far Cry 5
Content Type: Gaming Guides

After you finish The Warrant a cutscene that shows the helicopter crashing and ultimately coming to rest upside down. Looking around the Sheriff and Joseph Seed are no longer in their seats while the traitor dispatch Nancy freaks out on the radio asking for updates.

Joseph comes into view singing and tells Nancy everything is okay and not to send anyone, afterwards he climbs out of the helicopter to talk to the cultists while you, Burke (the Marshall), and Deputy Hudson are stuck strapped upside down in your seats.

After a batshit crazy speech to the Peggies where The Father tells them stuff like “the first seal has been opened” and “begin the reaping” they drag Deputy Hudson screaming from the helicopter. They come back for you and Burke but before they can get you the fire from the helicopter crash flares up and you watch as Burke escapes and runs off (without even bother to help, smh).

After a moment of struggling press Enter (PC) to release your seat belt, then get your ass running through the woods before they shoot you and you die. Just keep running away from the crash site and keep an eye peeled for a branch or shovel to use as a weapon.

You’ll come across some buildings and camp sites, the buildings you can sneak up on and press F (PC) to do a silent takedown, but there is a camp with a bonfire where there are 3 cultists (one is hard to spot) that can be more difficult so you may want to skip that one. Make sure you loot the cultists you kill!

As you get further away from the crash you hear a radio call from Burke (the Marshall) that he lost the cultists pursuing him and that he’s found a trailer next to a long bridge that he’s heading to.

Head to the trailer as marked with a waypoint (before you go inside loot the ammo stash outside) and you’ll get a little cutscene where he finally realizes what an idiot he’s been. He starts talking about an escape plan and that’s when the Peggies find you.

Burke finds and gives you an automatic rifle which you’ll need to:

While you fight off the cultists Burke will run for a truck while you provide covering fire, if he gets shot then you’ll want to sneak out and revive him. Once Burke has the truck started and honks the horn, and as soon as you get a little breathing room between waves of cultists, run to the truck and climb in. If you take too long Burke will mention that he’ll leave you there, no big surprise.

It’s worth noting that there are several gas barrels outside that you can shoot to cause explosions that take out multiple cultists at once.

As soon as you’re in the truck Burke takes off and you’ll proceed through a series of road blocks and cult checkpoints that you’ll need to shoot your way through. Make sure you’re leaning back in the truck and using medkits as needed, in addition to the checkpoints and road blocks you’ll also be pursued by ATVs, trucks loaded with cultists, and eventually a plane.

As you’re crossing a bridge there is a cutscene where it gets destroyed causing the truck to go over the side and crash into the water. As it sinks you’ll see Burke escape (again, not even attempting to help you), afterwhich you’ll be able to escape as well and end up on the bank of the water further away from the bridge.

You see and hear the Peggies find the Marshall when you see someone pointing a gun at you, he moves it to the side and starts dragging you away. While being dragged you hear a broadcast from The Father and eventually wake up in a bunker with a guy named Dutch tied to a bedframe, who starts giving you some information after some light threatening. This cutscene concludes the Prequel and Mission 2, No Way Out.

The next mission is A Glimmer of Hope.

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