Far Cry 5 A Glimmer Of Hope Walkthrough
Game: Far Cry 5
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At the end of the previous mission, No Way Out, you get blown off a bridge into the water, captured by some bald guy who then ties you to a bed. You find out his name his Dutch and that he is not part of the cult. After some dialog Dutch cuts you lose from being tied to the bed post.

The first part of this mission is to get changed, which takes you to the character customization screen. You can change your gender, appearance, and clothing.

From here feel free to explore the bunker, you can get a medkit, listen to the CB radio, and find some (hilarious) letters to Dutch.

Go talk to Dutch and he’ll explains what’s been happening in the valley. Each one of the three people (your partners) who survived the helicopter crash have been captured by the cult and taken to different regions in the valley.

He mentions there’s no help coming and by the time they find out what’s happening it’ll be too late. He thinks there will be people in the valley who can be built into a resistance, and tells you to go get the gun and map from the safe.

Head outside the bunker and Ditch will give an explanation on how to build up a resistance movement to the cult. On your way out make sure to grab the shovel and other pipe to use as melee weapons!

To build the resistance you can:

  • Rescue Civilians
  • Destroy Cult Properties
  • Complete Missions
  • Liberate Cult Outposts
Far Cry 5 A Glimmer Of Hope Build The Resistance
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