Elden Ring

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Elden Ring Patch 1.10 – Balance Adjustments and Bug Fixes

A new update to Elden Ring, Patch 1.10, released today, bringing with it some quite significant changes to balance across the board. Rather than balancing individual weapons, Patch 1.10 rebalances general mechanics such as poise damage, critical hits, and damage…

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Elden Ring Releases 2-Disc Vinyl Set

Those who love analog as much as they love Elden Ring are in luck, because Bandai Namco has released 17 tracks from the game’s soundtrack on vinyl. The 2-disk “Standard Edition Vinyl” set contains over an hour and ten minutes…

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Elden Ring Patch 1.8 – Free Colosseum Update Now Live

FromSoft really loves surprising people, and the free Colosseum update that released today is no exception. Players have long speculated that the sealed colosseums found throughout the Lands Between would unlock in a DLC, but today’s update comes only one…