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Leak: Diablo II Resurrected Will Be Presented at Blizzcon 2021

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Mila Grish
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This is great! Wonder what they will do aside from HR graphics.

Aside from cinematics, there aren't any cutscenes to remake (heh, the iconic screw-up with Warcraft III remaster). Then, the community have made a lot of mods, some already do graphical upscaling, while others re-defined the experience of the game for many (Path of Diablo/SlashDiablo communities or Median XL overhaul, for example). This is a little similar to how Warcraft III experience became to be defined by its community's custom maps (love those lots!).

Wasn't there also something like Project Diablo 2? Wonder if the community will be directly competing with the official remake, haha!

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B s
 B s
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PD2 has been the best remake mod of D2 to date. Strong community, active devs. Great upscaling. Unless the devs are doing something drastic to add to the game, PD2 takes the cake.

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