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Where to Find Cat Food - Cyberpunk 2077 Guide

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In Cyberpunk 2077's lore, humanity has sadly done a pretty good job at killing off most animal species. However, there are still a few fauna left in Night City, and you can even adopt one. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we'll show you how to find the cat food you need to get yourself a little pet for your apartment.

Where to Get the Cat Food

There are at least two locations where you can find cat food. The first is in an easy to access spot in Pacifica, while the second is in a heavily guarded Arasaka compound. We'll show you the easy way first, but in case you got so hungry you ate one of the cat foods already, we'll show you how to get the more difficult to grab one as well.

Pacifica Cat Food

To find the cat food in Pacifica, head to the Grand Imperial Mall fast travel point. It's easy to find on the map, as it sits just southwest of the stadium. The cat food is on loading bay 5, so head towards the Ferris wheel and down the ramp; last bay on the left is where you'll want to head.

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Santo Domingo Cat Food

The other place to grab cat food is on the border of the two Santo Domingo neighborhoods, at a heavily guarded Arasaka facility. You can blast your way in, but we've also found a fairly easy route to the cat food that relies on stealth, for those of you not equipped to take out the heavily armed guards. Either way, you'll need to go to the Arasaka Industrial Park fast travel point in Santo Domingo, and then find the ramp down to a door just below the helipads. The cat food is on a box just inside the door.

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How to Get a Cat

Cat food isn't good for much without a cat to feed it to, right? To find the cat, you'll first have to head to your apartment, which is at the fast travel point Megabuilding H10: Atrium in Watson. From your apartment, exit and head left (or head right at your door if you're coming from the fast travel point). Then take the right at the end of the hall and look for a shard -- entitled "Feed teh cat -- in the trash. If have cat food, you'll then be able to put food in the dish. Return after a day (or go to sleep), and a cat will be there eating the food!


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Congratulations, you're now one of the few people lucky enough to own an animal in Night City. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, or if you know of anywhere else to find cat food!

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3rd place you can find cat food is on top of the fully stocked bar table in the apartment you are expected to steal Kerry Eurodynes guitar for a gig: Psychofan. Just a bit west from El Coyote Cojo fast travel point in the Glen.

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