Borderlands 3 Zane Build Guide
Game: Borderlands 3
Content Type: Gaming Guides

All of the playable vault hunters have their own skill sets that influence gameplay. Zane is no different, and for this build we will be focusing on his cryo and barrier support skills. You’ll be able to send out tons of damage to enemies while also buffing yourself and teammates.

This build is built to be flexible. This means that it isn’t purely focused on doling out heavy amounts of damage, or being a support unit if you play in multiplayer. Instead, it is a hybrid between the two, meaning you are able to dole out a good amount of damage while receiving buffs that help keep yourself and teammates alive.

Below you’ll find the skills needed to create this Zane build. All of these are needed to create this specific build.

Note: Zane has the ability to pick two action skills at once, but this comes at the cost of being able to throw grenades. Additionally, he has the ability to have two augment skills per action skill, the most out of any of the vault hunters.

Action Skills 
Augment Skills
Barrier, Digi Clone
Schadenfreude, Digital  Distribution, Retaliation, Nanites or Some Shite

Borderlands 3 Zane Skills Cryo Killer

Under Cover


Doubled Agent

Adrenaline (5)

Violent Momentum (5)

Synchronicity (5)

Hearty Stock (3)

Borrowed Time (5)

Ready for Action (5)

Donnybrook (5)

Brain Freeze (3)

Quick Breather (1)

Confident Competence (1)

Old-U (1)

Best Served Cold (5)

Supersonic Man (3)

Refreshment (3)

Like A Ghost (3)

Calm, Cool, Collected (1)

Under Cover is the main skill tree used for this build, so it should be prioritized first. Once the majority of the skills here are learned, switch on to the Hitman skill tree and get Violent Momentum. Then move on to the Double Agent skill tree.

The main focus of this build is Zane’s cryo ability. This ability will freeze enemies, making them easy targets for players. Your best bet is to have one cryo weapon in your arsenal. You won’t be able to use grenades because you have two action skills, so forget about using a cryo grenade.

One of the best parts about this build is that it’s multiplayer and singleplayer friendly. When in a team, your barrier skill will give your entire team additional gun damage and healing.

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