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palworld how to defeat sweepa

How to Defeat Sweepa Alpha Boss – Palworld

Sweepa is one of the first Alpha Pals you are able to fight in Palworld. However, unlike the other early game bosses, Sweepa has a group of Swees with him, potentially making this one more difficult. In this guide, we…

palworld where to get quartz

How to Get Pure Quartz – Palworld

As you make your way to the higher levels in Palworld, you will need to start making Circuit Boards. One of the materials needed for it is Pure Quartz, which you may not have even seen at this point! But,…

palworld where to get coal

How to Get Coal – Palworld

As you start making your way to late game in Palworld, you will start needing to make Refined Ingots. In addition to Ore, you’ll need Coal to make these. As many of the higher end Technologies will require Refined Ingots,…

palworld where to get honey

Where to Get Honey – Palworld

Honey is an important resource for crafting a number of things in Palworld, most notable of them being Cake (to let your Pals breed). However, this can be a hard resource to find at first — in this guide, we…