I'm a huge gamer who especially loves the Final Fantasy series. I will play just about any game, especially if it has anything resembling a Dragoon.
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Final Fantasy X Zanarkand Walkthrough

Before the game begins, you will be given a choice of which Sphere Grid you want to use: Standard or Expert. This choice will influence your characters’ leveling in this game, and Standard is recommended if this is your first…

final fantasy x ruins

Final Fantasy X Ruins Walkthrough

You will now have access to the game’s menu — open it by pressing . Here you can change your party’s equipment, change their formation, and more. When you regain control of Tidus, swim northwest until you find a flight…

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Final Fantasy X Djose Walkthrough

Djose Highroad While on this road, you can run into the Basilisk enemy. They will cast Stone Gaze on party members, which has a chance of Petrifying them. If you don’t get rid of it before all of your party…

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Final Fantasy X Kilika Walkthrough

S.S. Liki Once you’re on the ship, talk to Wakka, then make your way downstairs. Here you will meet O’aka, a traveling salesman you will run into several more times throughout the game. If you talk to him, he will…

final fantasy x besaid beach

Final Fantasy X Besaid Walkthrough

Before you head over to the group of people, swim east and you will find a chest with the Moon Crest. While there’s nothing you can do with this item now, it will become useful much later on if you…

final fantasy x walkthrough

Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

Welcome to our Final Fantasy X walkthrough! This guide will lead you through the game’s story, while also helping you pick up as much treasure as possible, and strategies on how to defeat the game’s bosses. It will also assume…

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Date Night Bowling Review

Developer Serenity Forge and publisher Way Down Deep have taken a new approach to dating sims with their game Date Night Bowling, by letting you do more with your date than talk. In fact, you won’t really be talking to…

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Souldiers Gameplay Mechanics Detailed in New Trailer

During The MIX NEXT Showcase, Dear Villagers revealed a new gameplay trailer for Souldiers, which featured commentary by Retro Forge Programmers Sergio Martín and Leo Fernández Infante (who we recently got a chance to interview about the game). They begin…